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{student|pupil|college {student|university {student|scholar}|scholar}|university {student|scholar}|scholar} when {faced with|up against} {obstacles|barriers} that were {distinctive|identifying}}.} {{{Furthermore|What’s more}, nursing|Nursing} {students|pupils|college students} don’t {{have|possess} {enough|sufficient}|{have|possess}} {time {to|and energy to} prepare {their|their own} nursing {papers|documents}|time}.|{Like|As with} other {students|college {students|pupils}|pupils}, they {are supposed to|should} {carry out|perform} research {according to|in line with} the {{guidelines|instructions} {provided|supplied|offered} by the {instructor|teacher}|{guidelines|instructions}}.|The {majority|large part|better part|bulk} of the nursing {students|pupils|college students} {are unable|aren’t able|don’t have the capability} to {write|compose|create|produce} nursing {papers|documents} {due to|on account of|because of|as a result of} {deficiency of experience|absence of expertise}.} {Students {who must|that have to} do {{part-time|part time|parttime} {jobs|tasks}|{jobs|tasks}|{jobs|tasks} that are {part-time|part time|parttime}} {discover|detect} {that it’s|it is} {extremely|exceptionally} {hard|tough|challenging|really {hard|tricky}|tricky} to {provide|supply} {{time|the time} {to|for} {writing|creating|producing|composing} their research {paper|papers} {outline|summary} {example|case in point|instance|illustration}|{time|the time}}.|{{{Generally|Broadly speaking}, {students|college {students|pupils}|pupils}|{Students|College {students|pupils}|Pupils}} who’ve {been|already been} doing {research|search} {for|on} {two|just {two|2}|2} {terms|periods}|{Generally|Broadly speaking}} {are|will be|would be|are still} {in|at} {a|an} {{excellent|superb|fantastic|exceptional|outstanding|exemplary|great} {place|location|spot|area}|{place|location|spot|area} that is {excellent|superb|fantastic|exceptional|outstanding|exemplary|great}|{place|location|spot|area}} to 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